The LOORRS series kicked off at the Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park in Arizona. This unique style of short course racing is some the most exciting off-road racing there is. Short course is so thrilling to watch because the spectators are able to see the entire course and feel the power of the trucks up close. This race series is gaining momentum and drawing bigger crowds every year.

We also want to congratulate Rogue Racing's very own, Robby Woods on a solid season opener. His team worked tirelessly to get his Pro 2 fine tuned and race ready. In the end he had a little bit of a bumpy start, but in Round 2 he managed to come from last place and finish fourth.  Woods' racing is fast and he is sharpening his skills with every race, so its going to be an exciting year for him. 

Rogue Racing will be out at every one of the Lucas races this year displaying our unique products and meeting directly with the off-road enthusiasts that are the driving force behind our company. We encourage everyone to come to these races and experience off-road racing at it's finest. 

As for now we are busy preparing for the Texas Raptor Run on April 10-13th. We will be sponsoring the Raptor Run BBQ and unveiling our Stage 5 "Raptorzilla." Robby Woods will be out there and we also have a few surprises in store for the attendees, but you'll just have to wait till the Run......