Rogue Racing offers a Limited Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty for any products manufactured by Rogue Racing. This warranty takes effect from the date of purchase and is limited to the original purchaser. This limited warranty does not cover Freight, Labor Cost, Normal Wear and Tear issues such as Rock Chips, Scrapes, Brush Marks, Damage from Salt being laid down on the road, Oxidation (Rust), Damage from Chemicals, Abuse from Racing or Extreme Off-Road Use, Damage Caused by Misuse, Damage caused by products being Installed Incorrectly, Collision Damage, Product Alteration or Modification, and Electrical Components.


*Electrical components only carry a 30-Day Warranty unless otherwise stated.


This limited warranty does not cover any consequential damages including but not limited to the expense of being without the vehicle during the repair or replacement period, delay, rental cars, or mileage. This limited warranty is void if the product shows signs of Alteration, Modification, Misuse, Mishandling, Improper Care, and/or Neglect. The liability of Rogue Racing under this warranty is limited, and at Rogue Racing's option, solely to repair or replace the product with equivalent products within a reasonable time frame.


This limited warranty is conditioned upon the following:

1. Rogue Racing being notified by Purchaser within one month after discovery of any defects.

2. The return of the defective product(s) to Rogue Racing at Purchaser's expense within the Limited Warranty Period. An examination of such product(s) and its satisfaction that such defects were not caused by Negligence, Misuse, Improper Care, Accident, or Unauthorized Repair, Modification, or Alteration.


The original limited warranty period of any product repaired or replaced by Rogue Racing shall not thereby be extended. During the warranty period, this limited warranty is not transferable and is limited to the original purchaser with a valid receipt of purchase.


Warranty and return policy for products other than Rogue Racing will vary depending on the manufacturer.