Rogue Racing was excited to be apart of the 3rd annual Texas Raptor Run in Blackwell TX. This 3 day event has grown from a small group of Raptor owners getting together on the forums to an event with over 150 Raptors and full line up of vendors.

The Raptor Run takes place on the 5000 acre Texana Ranch and boasts its own 40 mile off-road course with terrain that mirrors that of the Baja. It is not often that Raptor owners get access to miles of off-road terrain without regulation, so it clear why this event draws enthusiasts from all over the country! 

Throughout the entire weekend we got to hang out with a great group of people. We were especially lucky to be able to meet directly with our customer base and introduce our line of Raptor products. We were blown away by the warm response we got and the invaluable feedback we received. Saturday night's BBQ hosted by Rogue Racing was a great turnout. We brought along Robby Woods Pro2, not just as a flashy distraction, but to show people that our background is firmly rooted in the off-road race truck world, and that the same concepts we use in our trophy trucks, we use in our bolt on line of suspension. Seeing the reaction of someone who experiences the raw power of a Pro2 up close is priceless, we were glad we got to share that with the crowd.

We took this opportunity to really fine tune and dial in our Stage 2 & 3 Front Suspension Kits as well as the highly anticipated rear cantilever kit. After a little fine tuning of the KING shocks, we set out to hit the trails.....hard, we wanted to abuse these kits and really test their limits. Well, we couldn't have been more impressed with the performance and handling of our trucks. The rear cantilever in particular impressed everyone. Even though we were hitting some pretty decent jumps at full speed the truck seemed to soak up all the bumps and easily handle the big ones.

At one point (even though this event is not a race ;) we passed up 17 other Raptors on the track, Raptors with much more extensive suspension kits on them. The truck handled so well with almost no wheel hop in the area where others created a "washboard effect" in the track. This only solidifies our belief in the importance of a well-tuned suspension kit vs one that simply has more "travel." Our Stage 2 & 3 kits out perform other companies mid & long travel kits.

This event was a great momentum builder for us, we are excited to start rolling out our full line of Raptor products! We would like to extend a big Thank You to Trey Palreiro and the Beal family for putting on such a great event and for showing the Rogue Team such hospitality!

As of right now we are busy setting up our new Laser CNC machine & press brake. We made the decision to move all production completely in house to be able to produce more quickly, efficiently and pass the savings on to our customers! 

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!