Texas Raptor Runs Raptoberfest 2014
September 30, 2014
Gause, TX

Rogue Racing was lucky to be a sponsor for this years Raptoberfest outside of Gause Texas on the spraulling 2000 acre Fluharty Farm. This years course featured a 20 mile track that Raptor owners got to really stretch thier legs. This event was a great opputunity for us to meet with all of our customers and dealers we interact with online and actually get to put a real face with the avatars and screennames. Rogue Racing also got to debut our Stage 4 Ford Raptor Front Suspension and show off our rear Cantilever kit again. We were overwhelmed with the great response we got from everyone. The weekend was filled with people gathering around the Rogue booth looking at suspension components they have never seen before. 

Without a doubt our rear bolt-on Cantilever kit was the most asked about product. This innovative kit features 18-19" inches of usuable rear travel without cutting the bed of your truck. This kit not only adds rear travel but strengthens the rear frame, one of Raptor owners biggest concerns. When the Cantilever kit is paired with our rear Bump Stop Kit and King Shocks, the Ford Raptors true potential is clear the second you hit the dirt.  In addition to serious rear suspension we debutted our Stage 4 Front suspension featuring a custom King Bypass first of its kind that does not interfere with turning radius.

Our Stage 4 Kit features our heimed upper control arms for better, more accurate alignment, our innovative replacement double shear spindles, HD Tie Rods, King Finned resi shocks, our new lower control arms and of course the King bypass shocks. This kit is for those looking to take off-roading to the next level.

We took the oppurtunity to really test the susupension and see just how far we could push it.....and it pushed back. This kit soaked up the bumps and jumps like we couldn't even believe. In fact it wasnt until we saw the pictures that we realized we left the ground in certain spots, it was that smooth. 

So, it out performed on the track but what was even more impressive was it's road manners off the track. We drove this "off-road" suspension nearly 2800 miles on the road and it rode and handled smoother than stock. This suspension truly is the perfect solution for Raptor owners looking for a truck that handles just as well on the freeway as it does on the trails.

The weekend was a great sucess and we managed to raise $25,000 for Orchard Africa, a great cause. Rogue Racing was proud to donate a Throttle bumper that managed to raise the most funds of the evening at over $5000! We were so honored to be apart of this event and would like to Thank all the Raptor owners, fellow vendors, sponsors and especially Texas Raptor Runs and Trey Palreiro, for putting on such a fun event. We look forward to the 2015 Texas Raptor Run in Texana!