lucas oil off-road


The grandstands were packed at the Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, for Rounds 5 & 6 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Races and the fans were not disappointed to say the least. It was an exciting weekend filled with serious off-road action.

Friday night's race was going good for Team Woods until a converter went out and cost them an engine. The team is hell bent on a champoionship this year, and where most teams would have called it a weekend, Team Woods stayed up all night replacing an engine. 

Tired and worn down, Robby Woods and his truck were back out on the track for Saturday's race. Woods started at the back of the pack and stayed clean of all the carnage all around the track. He managed to pass everyone up one by one, by doing what he does best.....and hard charging it all the way up to 3rd place.

All the hard work and dedication are finalliy starting to pay off. Woods, and his team are having the best year of thier racing career so far and dont show signs of slowing down. Next up is Miller Motorsports Park in Toole Utah, for Rounds 7 & 8.