Stage 16 Front Suspension - 2017+ Ford Raptor


Stage 16 Front Suspension - 2017+ Ford Raptor


Take your 2017+ Ford Raptor to the next level with our Stage 16 suspension system. Bolstering 16" of usable front wheel travel and the use of 37" tall tires when combined with fiberglass fenders. The coilover is relocated outside the upper control arm and a bypass shock goes in its location, this allows for the best suspension cycling and geometry available. 

Rogue Racing set out to make a lasting impression by creating the most sought after suspension upgrades for the 2010-2014 Ford Raptor that were able to still be daily driven while dominating the trails. Fast forward 3 years and the release of the 2015 Ford F-150, a great platform for improvements  but 1 minor detail was missing..."Raptor". Ford left everyone including potential and current Ford Raptor owners in limbo waiting to know if the program was dead or was there something in the works? 

Rogue Racing stepped in and created 2 amazing suspension conversion kits to satisfy every ones desire for off road performance, mean looks and fill the void Ford created.

Now that Ford has released the Gen 2 Raptor, Rogue Racing's Stage 16 Suspension system, a perfect compliment to our subtle "Raptor" conversion for F150 owners (Stage 12) and our extreme performance (Stage 18) for F150 and Raptor. Taking the best of both worlds and making a middle of the road conversion that puts you ahead of the curve on and off road. 

Front Suspension Features

  • Horizontal Uniball Upper Control Arms
    • 7/8" FK JMXT Heims
    • 1" FK WSSXT Uni-balls
  • Double Pocket Lower Control Arm
    • 1.5" FK WSSXT Uni-Balls
    • Flutted Bushing Mount
  • Double Shear Tie Rods
    • 7075 Aluminum
      • 7000 Series Aluminum Alloys Are The Stongest Made
    • 7/8" JMXT Heims At Spindle
    • Stainless Steel Heat Treated Clevis At Steering Rack
      • Mil Spec Hardened Steering Rack Bolt
  • Coilover Shock Tower - Relocated Outside Upper Control Arm
    • Holds King 2.5 Coilovers w/ Remote Resivor & Dampening Adjuster
  • Bypass Shock
    • KING 3.0 2 Tube Bypass Shocks
    • Located In OEM Coilover Location
  • Correct Length Half Shafts
    • +3.5" Heavy Duty CV Shafts
  • Slot Delete Alignment Kit
    • Allows For Precision Alignment via Upper Control Arms
    • Keeps Lower Control Arm "Centered" In Crossmemeber
  • Front Lower Cross Member w/ Bump Stop Cans
    • 3x Stronger Than The OEM Crossmember
    • Integrated Bump Stops For Additional Suspension Dampening
    • Supports KING 2.5 Air Bump Stops
    • 3/16" Laser Cut
    • CAD Designed
    • Cutting & Welding Required
  • XRP Brake Lines (Optional)
    • Minimal Volumetric Expansion Under Hard Braking Situations


Optional Equipment

Front Suspension Options

  • Cross member reinforcement with integrated bump stop kit and King 2.5" bump stops (Welding required)
  • 3.5 King Bypass shock upgrade



  • Rogue Racing Single or Double, In Bed Spare Tire Mount
  • Tailgate Bed Support Brackets

Performance Add Ons

  • AFE Cold Air Intake
  • AFE Scorcher Performance Tuning
  • Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System

Appearance Package

  • Fiberworks Front Fenders & Rear Bedsides
  • Rogue Racing Headlight Support Gussets
  • Rogue Racing Bedside Support Gussets
  • Rogue Racing Enforcer Front Bumper (Frame Horn Chop Version Available)
  • Rogue Racing Enforcer Dovetail Rear bumper

Application Fitment Notes

  • 37" x 12.50" MAX Tire Size
  • +18 MAX Offset On 9" Wide Wheels (Verify All Fitment Before Mounting Tires)
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