2017 Ford Raptor Bumpers

With the release of the new Ford Raptor in 2017 we have been hard at work making our innovative bumper designs to match the new styling Ford has put into the 2nd generation Ford Raptor. Bumpers are available for order today! 



Our most popular bumper has carried over and been redesigned for the 2017 Ford Raptor trucks. Same low profile designs that follow the radius of the Ford Raptor front valance, given contour under the headlights to stay clean and available with our popular dimple side skins or mesh. 



Like all of our bumpers for the Ford Raptors, all of our releases will stay true to our core. Innovative American Made Products.

Will the advanced curves and body lines your Rogue Racing bumper will have OEM fit and finish while being more durable. Add on LED lights, winches, light bars and more to customize it even further.

100% Bolt On design with no modifications to your Raptor.


Our new style front bumper for the 2017 Ford Raptor is an innovative "modular" design that allows multiple options.

Side Skins: Open, Dimple and Mesh

Main Light Bar: (1) 40" Curved LED Light Bar - Verified Baja Designs OnXArc & Rigid Industries 40" RDS Series

Upper Light Bar Mounting System: Bolt On, Available With "Raptor" Laser Cut & LED Backlit or Solid

Upper Light Bar: (1) 40" Curved LED Light Bar - Verified Baja Designs OnXArc & Rigid Industries 40" RDS Series



Supports a winch for those tough situations needing to do self recovery. Holds up to a 10K Synthetic Rope Winch. 


  • Dimple

    • Prerunner Styling. Laser Cut. Removable.

  • Mesh

    • Additional Air Flow. Removable.


The Enforcer rear bumper for the 2017 Ford Raptor tucks nicely against the body, allows greater exit angle to minimize getting hung up in certain environments off-road. Prerunner style compliments the Enforcer front bumper and the Raptor's unique styling.

  • Top Plates: Dimpled for grip and laser cut "Rogue" with backing plates