Magnaflow 19056 Off-Road Pro Series Gas Exhaust System - 2017 Ford Raptor


Magnaflow 19056 Off-Road Pro Series Gas Exhaust System - 2017 Ford Raptor

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Magnaflow Off-Road Pro Series gas exhaust systems boost engine performance while providing a clean look for your truck and a killer sound.

  • Constructed entirely of T-409 stainless steel
  • Includes satin finished stainless steel muffler
  • Mandrel bent tubing increases air flow, increasing horsepower and torque
  • Muffler features straight through design allowing for unrestricted air movement
  • Turn down tip before axle contributes to a powerful tone and a clean look
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Built using T-409 stainless steel, the Off-Road Pro Series exhaust is going to stand up to the elements. Magnaflow includes a satin finish stainless steel muffler that features a straight through design. This muffler provides outstanding flow along with a deep, powerful tune. What really sets the Off-Road Pro Series apart from the others is the hidden exit. This style exhaust system uses a turn-down tip that exits before the axle, avoiding the extra length and bends of tailpipes and allowing your beastly engine to roar.

Magnaflow uses large diameter, mandrel bent pipes that maximize exhaust flow from your engine. Letting an engine breathe to the best of its ability makes an engine happy, and happy engines produce more horsepower and torque. Thick ½" overlapped welds ensure a leak-free system, which is important because exhaust fumes aren't meant to be inside the cab.

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